Our Communities


International Ministries

Wherever you are from, you can find a home here at the Newman Center. Currently we provide an International small group, various events throughout the year for the international community, and the following Masses:


1st SATURDAY: Filipino Mass & Dinner, 7PM

3rd SATURDAY: Korean Mass & Dinner, 5:30PM

4th SATURDAY: International Mass & Social, 5:00PM

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Women’s Household

Live on parish property in a gorgeous early 20th century brick town home with fourteen other young women. This communal home is the perfect opportunity to grow in sisterhood and is where heart and home become one. Applications are always open! Send inquiries to womenshousehold@gmail.com!


Drexel Newman

Our Newman Center doesn’t just serve Penn students but we also live and pray and study and work with Drexel University as well! We come together in every day life but also through special ministerial moments such as Mass, our retreats, and more!


St. Agatha St. James Parish

We are the Newman Center at St. Agatha St. James Parish, entrusted to the Sodalitium Christae Vitae by Archbishop Chaput. This University Parish serves Penn, Drexel, USCI and the Restaurant School students, as well as residents of University City. It’s such a blessing that our dynamic parish is home to such a rich and diverse population! It’s common to see students playing with kids and drinking coffee with the elderly on Sundays. AND we are excited that through our redevelopment, we are now even physically linked to the Church!