An Experience of Hope

When was the last time you felt hopeful about the Church? When was the last time your night out with friends centered around a tour catered just for you? When was the last time you witnessed the Church not only thriving but growing?

Join us at An Experience of Hope, a one hour tour of the Newman Center at St. Agatha-St. James Parish where you will hear powerful testimonies from students, learn about the direction we’re headed, and why what we do is more important now than in our 125 year history.


Will I be asked for money on the tour?

No! And we want to be upfront about that. These tours are simply a way to inform you and your friends about how the Newman Center, together with St. Agatha-St. James Parish and our FOCUS missionaries are restoring hope to tomorrow’s Church.

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Seriously. The only thing we will ask is to follow up with a call to get your feedback and to see if you’d like to stay in contact with us.

What should I expect on a tour?

These tours provide a one hour, informative putting about the myths and facts of living out the Catholic faith in today’s world, particularly how it pertains to college students. Why are so many millennial leaving the Church? What does evangelization actually look like on a secular campus? Come find out through powerful testimonies from current students, young alumni, and others. You will also get to see the Newman Center in ways you never have before.

Who can come on these tours? Do you have to be Catholic?

Anyone and everyone are welcome to participate in these tours, though we think the people it will most impact would be Catholics, those interested in non-profits regarding young people, or those remotely interested in faith!

How many people are on a tour? Is it okay if I invite people?

We’ve done tours with just five people, but we usually recommend between 10-15 people. The best tours are where the people already know one another, so we encourage you to invite your girlfriends to come to one before going out to dinner, bring your family to one before our Newman Dinner, bring your bible study for your night out, or your homeschool group for a field trip.

How often do the tours happen?

We host tours at least twice a month but we work with you to figure out the best time to accommodate your group.

How do I schedule one? Who can I call with more questions?

To set up a phone call with Julie O’Donnell, our Development Coordinator, email her at