My Awakening Retreat Testimony

By Madison Pedrotty, C'17

Going on Awakening was the most spiritually enriching experience of my college experience so far and I can say with absolute certainty that it changed my life. I felt very restless going into the retreat and I knew God was calling me to seek Him but I felt lost and didn’t know where to begin. Spending intimate time with God away from campus in a supportive and engaging environment helped me become more open to hearing His word and understanding His plan for me.

I felt extremely close to God during Awakening and the insights I gained through listening to talks, participating in small group discussions, and personal reflection have inspired me to continue pursuing a meaningful relationship with Him. As a result of my spiritual growth during that time, I have been more at peace than ever before. I would encourage anyone to go on the retreat and to explore the infinite possibilities that come with hearing God’s word and spending a restful moment in His peaceful presence.