Meet the Staff


Adam Ureneck

Director of Penn and Drexel Newman Ministries

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Fr. Carlos Keen

Chaplain of Penn Newman

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Alan Teran

Associate Director of Penn Newman

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Carolyn Shields

Assistant Director of Penn Newman

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Meet the Student Leaders

2016 Executive Board



Andrea Pascual (W'17) was born and raised in Atlanta, GA where she is a member of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish. Her faith journey has been influenced heavily by the Society of Mary, who both preside over OLA and founded her high school, Marist. Because of this, she holds a deep respect for the Virgin Mary and her always open, loving, welcoming arms. Now at Penn, Andrea enjoys trying to bring new friends with her to mass and bringing new people to Newman Dinner and other events. Andrea is also involved on campus as a Management 100 TA, the Varsity Baseball Manager, and a board member of the Undergraduate Sports Business Club.

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Vice president

Aaron Diederich ('17) and his twin are often spotted around Newman stirring up trouble.

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Anthony Carradorini ('17) brings a ton of talent to Newman, from acting, singing, playing his guitar, and his all around bright disposition.

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Stephanie Spinosa (N’18) is currently a junior in the School of Nursing.  She works as a Teacher’s Assistant each semester and during the summer months, serves as a Nurse Intern at Mary Howard Health Center in Philadelphia. She realized her desire to serve God in all things on the night of her Confirmation in sixth grade. She decided then that she would follow wherever God may lead her. Three years ago, she found herself at the steps of the Penn Newman Center about to start her freshman year of college. You may find her running down Locust Walk in her scrubs, studying in Fagin Hall, or eating Nutella out of the jar. Stephanie enjoys volunteer work and mission trips, LOVES fierce female saints, and is honored to serve as the Secretary on Newman’s Executive Board.

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2016 Executive Committee

Outreach Chair

Alberto Amaral ('17) is a cradle Catholic. After reading St. Augustine's Confessions, he fell in love with the Faith and has sought a serious understanding of it since then. You may find him praying a rosary in the Newman Chapel or reading about a Saint in the lounge.

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Service Chair

Madison Pedrotty (’17) feels most happy and fulfilled when she is spreading God’s love through service. She is deeply inspired by her favorite saint, St. Francis of Assisi, and his commitment to serving the poor. Madison also adores Pope Francis and hopes to emulate the tender way in which he loves. She is a biology major and can often be found quietly working in the lab or studying from colossal textbooks in the Newman Center.

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Spiritual Chair

Tom Seykora ('17)

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Small Groups Chair

Liz Sieber ('17)

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Newman Night Chair

Michael Freeman ('17)

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Communications Chair

Melissa Schweizer (E'18)

Melissa Schweizer, first of her name, bearer of laser cutters and master of the magical arts of bioengineering, was appointed Communications Chair, and her duties include spreading Newman Center propaganda across the realm. When she is not cooped up in the engineering quad, she journeys to the Newman Center along the King’s Road for some peace and company. She strives for love and justice, uses her strengths of kindness, friendliness, and service to achieve happiness in life, and has sworn loyalty to the true King Christ Jesus.

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Social Chair

Jenna Kapsar ('17)

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Women's Household Liaison Nicole Weldon

Women's Household Liaison

Nicole Weldon

Work Study Intern Ivana Kohut

Work Study Intern

Ivana Kohut

Work Study Intern Guadalupe Ceja

Work Study Intern

Guadalupe Ceja

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