It takes a team that spans all vocations. This is our squad.

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Fr. Carlos Keen, SCV



Patrick Travers, SCV

Director of Newman Apostolate

Nelson Villamor, SCV

Campus Minister

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Julie O’Donnell

Development Coordinator

Leo Negrini, SCV

Outreach Coordinator

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Dcn. Remi Morales, SCV

Spirituality Director

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.
— Mother Teresa
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Carolyn Shields

Communications Coordinator | Former Campus Minister

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Marisa March

Academic Director


Carole Tokarczyk: Assistant to the Chaplain & Receptionist

Missy Elwell: Office Manager

Greg Tokarczyk: Facilities Coordinator


Michael Gokie & Abigail Gorman: Campus Ministers for Drexel |

Matt Smith: Business Manager


FOCUS Missionaries


Fellowship of Catholic University Students

Meet Our New FOCUS Missionaries

We are PUMPED to welcome FOCUS missionaries to Penn this year. Partnering with chaplains and campus ministers, FOCUS missionaries go out to colleges and universities to meet students where they are: in the dorms, on the field, at the student union and in every corner of campus. Through outreach events and one-on-one conversations, students make meaningful connections with members of Christ’s body — growing in friendships, sharing life and coming together in authentic community.


Sarah Judge

FOCUS Team Leader


Jonathan Reilly

Shoot me a text at 703-402-4695


Mary Schneider

Shoot me a text at 318-623-1140


Joseph Maloney

Shoot me a text at 240-330-3981


Student Leaders


Meet the 2018 Student Leaders


Marya Lieb 

Nursing '19


Marya is a nursing student from Easton, PA who is still thrilled that she gets to study in her favorite city! She's passionate about emergency medicine, her close knit family, and most importantly, her Catholic faith. In her free time, she loves to explore the city, listen to country music and read a good book. 


James Treacy

Engineering '19

Vice President

James is currently a junior in Chemical Engineering.  He hails from a small town in Connecticut (but not from the shore like most people would assume when you say "I'm from Connecticut"). He's a member of Navy ROTC, so you may see him walking around campus not dressed like other college students. When he's not completing problem sets, he enjoys adventuring into the city to see what Philly has to offer! He is excited and ready to serve as the new Vice President for the Newman Center.


John Ortega

Health and Societies '20

John is a native Clevelander and, as an avid fan of Cleveland's professional sports teams, is not afraid to let everyone know that. In addition being involved with the Newman Center as a board member and work-study intern, he serves as a Mentorship Chair on iCARE (International Children's Alliance and Outreach Exchange) and as a volunteer at Why Not Prosper through the Civic House's Civic Scholars program. John loves to watch and analyze movies in addition to being involved in photography. He is proud to have been raised under a Jesuit-high school education and credits his high school experiences for profoundly shaping who he is today. His favorite vegetable is, of course, the radish.


Gabbie Ramos

Nursing '19

Number four out of five kids, Gabbie is a Sophomore Nursing Student minoring in Global Health. She firmly believes there is no line separating loving the college experience and practicing her faith as a devout Catholic. She absolutely loves the adventure that comes with energetically pursuing both! Her passions include talking to the homeless on the Philly streets, jumping out and scaring the ladies she lives with in the Newman Women's Household, figuring out ways to travel to as many new places as possible, disinfecting everything and everyone, taking tons of candid photos of the people closest to her, Youth Ministry, and "laughing without fear of the future.”

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