Three reasons to be a Leader

  1. You already are! So learn how to be a Catholic leader!
    • Everyone exercises some influence on the lives of others. It is so important to be able to do so in a way that helps them reach their dignity as a child of God. We are here to help you do this!
  2. That which we don't give, we lose! 
    • Serving others is one of the best ways to grow and consolidate that which we've received. Serving as a leader at the Newman Center will be a sure path to personal maturation and growth in  your faith.
  3. We need you!
    • God holds our participation in His plan very close to His heart.  We can be sure that He has planned to reach many others through your love and service. Consider the fact that, for God, what you give cannot be substituted by anyone else. 


What should I do next? 

  1. Read the general leadership role descriptions below.
  2. If you would like a more in-depth explanation and more of a context, read the Student Leadership Constitution HERE.
  3. Take a moment to pray. Might God be asking you to serve others through this community?
  4. If you are still unsure, talk with former leaders or staff members about their experience
  5. Fill out an application form HERE


To Lead is to serve

The call to lead is the call to conversion through the exercise of service. Therefore, to each role, there corresponds a plan of formation that guides the leader in a path of personal conversion and capacitation for the service for which they are responsible. Below are the descriptions of each student leadership role. If you are interested in applying to serve the community through a position of leadership, please click the link at the bottom of the page.




The Executive Board is the highest authority of student leadership. Its members are the students that are most immediately responsible for embodying and incarnating the Newman Center’s Vision and Spirit. They are responsible for the effective planning and execution of activities, events, and programs according to the ideals and goals of the Newman Center. The members of the Executive Board are oriented and directed by the professional staff with regards to the Vision and Spirit, and they find support and guidance for its implementation from the staff. The professional staff finds support in the members of the Executive Board for the organization and execution of the programed events. Staff relies on the Board members as well for their larger potential and call to effectively represent the Catholic and Newman ideals in a more direct way on campus and in student life at the University of Pennsylvania. The Staff also counts primarily on the Board for help in the formation of future leaders, especially through the close collaboration with the members of the Executive Committee given the leaders are a direct bridge to the student community.



The Newman President is responsible for leading and directing the student leaders in their apostolic, spiritual and formative initiatives. As the head of student leadership, he/she is responsible for incarnating the vision and spirit of the Newman Center and for helping the other board and executive committee members to do the same. As the foremost leader, he/she brings individual student efforts together into a cohesive unity and is ultimately responsible to the professional staff for the same. The president also runs the executive board and committee meetings.

Learn to do thy part and leave the rest to Heaven.
— Cardinal John Henry Newman


The Vice President supports and represents the President in his mission of unifying and evaluating student initiatives according to the Newman Center’s vision and spirit. He is also particularly responsible for the formation of leaders and the outreach to other faith communities and organizations on campus to support interfaith conversation and networking according to our common goals. 



The secretary is primarily responsible for the fluid and effective communication of the ideas, initiatives, and works that are developed during the meetings in such a way that all of the leaders are aware of the progress and status of past and current efforts as well as the proposed future initiatives of the entire leadership structure. His role in communicating the spirit and content of specific meetings brings clarity and order to the leaders involved. He then is able to aid in the communication of the efforts of the entire Newman leadership towards the larger community at the University of Pennsylvania. 



The Treasurer is responsible for the reverent use and acquisition of the material goods that allow the Newman Ministry to exist. He is aware of and informs the Executive Committee about financial matters of the Newman Ministry. His role is to lead all members of the Newman Community so that they too can participate in the act of thanksgiving for what we have been given, learn to respectfully use and take care of those goods, and develop a proactive attitude to collaborate in the effort to acquire that which is necessary for the Newman Ministry to accomplish its goals. 


EXECUTIVE Committee:

Purpose: The Executive Committee, led by the Board, works to apply the Newman Center’s vision and incarnate it in each of their specific corresponding realities by proposing, planning, and organizing events. They also lead the larger Catholic community towards a maturation in the life of faith according to their respective roles.


Outreach chair

The Outreach Chair looks to deepen in the evangelizing mission of the Church and help inspire and lead the Newman Community in an understanding, maturation, and appropriation of the call to "go forth". (See Evangelii Gaudium, 20-24 and Evangelii Nuntiandi, 15-20) 


Communications CHAIR

The Communications Chair works closely with the Secretary in order to communicate, in an effective and appealing way, the identity, mission, and activity of the Newman Community. He also works to create effective channels and networks of communication in order to facilitate the efforts of all of the other members of the executive committee. 


Spirituality CHAIR

The Spirituality Chair serves the Newman Community by helping each member develop a “life in the Spirit”. He does this above all by deepening in an understanding of the liturgy and helping to create the opportunities for each person to find his way towards the “Source and Summit” of the entire Christian life: The Eucharist (See Ecclesia de Eucaristia, 22).  The Spirituality Chair encourages and helps the entire community to “remain in Christ” (Jn 15:4), develop a life of prayer, and to find, in the intimate encounter with Christ, the Wellspring of Life (cf: Jn 4:10).


Small Groups CHAIR

The Small Groups Chair, in collaboration with the Professional Staff, is responsible for overseeing, coordinating, and developing programs for the student-led small groups. He helps to make them into communities of faith where each person is able to grow and help other grow. 


Social CHAIR

The Social Chair is responsible for seeking new ways to make Newman a positive, welcoming social environment for Penn Students. He looks to create a "culture of encounter" in order to build and inspire others to build the Newman Community (cf: 1 Pe 2:5).


Service CHAIR

The Service Chair works to establish authentic opportunities for students to give themselves in solidarity to those in need (cf. Lk 10:29-37 and Mt 25:35-45). He inspires within the community an attitude of mercy, and by doing so helps each person to know his dignity as a child of God (cf. Mt 5:7).