Spiritual Accompaniment

It's what we're all about.

What’s Spiritual Accompaniment look like? Many things. It can be a one-on-one talk over coffee. It can be spiritual direction on a weekly or monthly basis. Many of our staff have degrees or training in spiritual accompaniment. Some people need accountability. Some need a listening ear or to simply not feel alone.

So we’re here for you.



Have you seen our Penn Catholic Coffee Cards? Pick one up at the front desk or one of our events and get up to three coffees free, on us! The catch? We just wanna have coffee with you!


Take Us To lunch...For free

As part of the new Penn Wellness initiative, you can take out your mentor to lunch at the University Club for free! It's easy too. Find out more info here.


Spiritual Direction

Sometimes one coffee isn't enough and we need someone to walk with us through the joys and trials that life presents. Learn more about what spiritual direction is, who is available (and licensed), and more.

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