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Our redevelopment is offering multiple new opportunities to give! Thank you for getting involved during this exciting moment in our 125 year history. For more information on any of the opportunities below, please reach out to Patrick Travers at ptravers@saintsaj.org or 267.623.7746.

Please note: the following are suggested prices. Partial gifts are accepted as a non exclusive naming right.

Save the date for our inauguration! We will celebrate our redevelopment and 125 Year Anniversary as the first Newman Club in the country THIS October 4-6th with a 3 day celebration. To learn more, click here.

Exterior naming gifts


Bidding starts at $75,000

By donating our largest naming gift, your donation will make the biggest impact. Situated across from the International House, next to a new residential sky rise, and just two blocks from Wharton, this park will provide students and residents of University City a place to rest from the daily hustle and bustle of Philadelphia.



Situated next to St. Agatha-St. James Parish, the front courtyard is truly the first impression visitors will have of the new Newman Center. The front sign will be backlit and visible at all hours of the day, and the trees and the front facade will be illuminated at night.



Two granite benches* will be available in the front courtyard and at least two will be in our private park!

*Front courtyard is reserved


The Garden Plaza is nestled in the back corner of our private park and just off of the Garden Breezeway. It will serve as a quiet corner with outdoor tables and chairs for reflective and focused study and discourse.



Preserve a memory by purchasing a brick that will be located in our private park! Installation will be Summer of 2020 but you can go ahead and reserve your brick here.



Sundays are the focal point of our ministry, and your gift will help create a beautiful gathering space with sturdy patio furniture for our four Sunday socials.



With new landscape being installed in the summer of 2020, we find it only appropriate to populate designated areas with statuary to inspire reflective prayer.


Four trees are available in our front courtyard, four along Chestnut St, and six in our private park. The trees in the front courtyard will be illuminated by lights at night…these six won’t last long!


Click to enlarge


Interior naming gifts



Flooded by natural light on either side with large plants and coffee tables, this space bears special symbolism for us as it physically unites the Newman Center and parish. We have dreams that it will serve as a coffee kiosk in the future.



We anticipate the student lounge being the most used room in the entire building, and it is also the largest. Our favorite features are the stage and custom wall mural! Students will be studying and hanging out here at all hours of the day!



This unique octagon shaped room is directly off of the Garden Breezeway and serves as the entrance into the Banquet Hall. It will host antique pews and has a gold leafed ceiling that shines in the floor to ceiling windows on either side.


*Naming rights reserved

Our banquet hall is the perfect location for wedding receptions, conferences, and of course our weekly Newman Dinners where we feed nearly 100 hungry students every Thursday evening!


#1 $20,000 | #2 $10,000

We have two conference on the second floor, one that is larger and has windows, the other smaller and more intimate.


#1 $10,000 | #2 $20,000

These meeting rooms provide a quieter space for silent studies, as well as Bible studies.



If you have ever had a powerful reconciliation experience, this opportunity is for you! Help students experience the power of forgiveness by contributing to a custom confessional built next to our chapel! (And we are happy to share that the Sacrament of Reconciliation has seen a huge uptick this year!)


*Naming rights reserved

Right at the heart of the building is our new chapel. With seating for up to 100 people, windows that stretch fifteen feet, and original artwork, you can be assured that prayers of thanksgiving will be offered to you and your intentions for this generous contribution.



Food and faith go hand in hand, and we are so grateful for our new industrial kitchen! We use it at least three times a week to feed over fifty people at every occasion.


$10,000 each

We have two rooms that will serve as a place for spiritual direction, private conversations, and counseling. Whether it’s marriage prep or discerning one’s vocation with Fr. Carlos, your gift will aid in making these rooms a place of peace.



This space is conveniently located just outside the chapel and will host an electric fireplace to help students feel that Newman is truly a home away from home.



This small, intimate library off of the student lounge will feature an 8.3x12ft Marian wall print and antique glass bookshelves.




We would love to have a statue of the Blessed Mother in our front lobby, as well as new statuary in our chapel and in our Banquet Hall.


$10,000 each

Our campus ministers sacrifice a lot - show them some love by gifting them a beautiful office where they can continue working for the Church.

(One is already reserved)



The front lobby will host custom signage, an original wall mural, and serves as the entryway into a beloved building.

No minimum

We will accept gifts of any size for our Furniture Fund! Though we have a brand new building, a lot of our current furniture that is in storage is straight out of the 80s. Help us fill this space to make it both beautiful and functional!



We would love a custom wall mural that creates a powerful first impression the moment you walk into our Newman Center. We can’t wait to share with you the renderings!


No minimum

Help us to hang a crucifix in every room, print posters of our ministry, and to purchase works of art!


We are also working to install another custom wall mural in the student lounge to serve as the focal point of this space! Renderings coming soon!

Not sure?

Contribute to our Redevelopment Fund. There's no minimum and your contribution will help cover unforeseen expenses, furniture, and more. Gifts of over $1,000 will have their names recognized.

*Naming rights are reserved but contributions are still welcome

Please note: Prices are subject to increase over time, and may have increased since first advertised in Spring 2019. All gifts are understood to be nonexclusive and subject to a ten year agreement. Gifts vary in their recognition. Once we have come to a mutual agreement and reserve your gift, you will receive a Letter of Understanding that we ask you to sign. You are welcome to either make a one time gift or to pay in installments over 3 or 5 years.

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Tree (6 in front courtyard, 4 along Chestnut St, 6 in private park)…$1,000

Granite Bench…$5,000

Front Lobby Wall Mural…$5,000

Student Lounge Wall Mural…$10,000


Campus Ministry Offices (2)…$10,000

Interior Statuary…$10,000

Meeting Room #1…$10,000

Conference Room #2…$10,000

Spiritual Direction Rooms (2)…$10,000

Exterior Statuary…$15,000


Front Lobby…$20,000

2nd Floor Student Lounge…$20,000

Conference Room #1…$20,000

Meeting Room #2…$20,000

The Gilded Room…$20,000

Industrial Kitchen…$25,000

Parish Patio…$25,000

Garden Plaza…$30,000

Garden Breezeway…$50,000

Student Lounge…$50,000

Private Park…$75,000

Front Courtyard…$100,000

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What an exciting time for the Penn Newman ministry! We are celebrating our 125th anniversary as the country's first Newman club the same year of a beautiful redevelopment project. During this anniversary year, we will look to celebrate the past 125 years of Catholic community on Penn's campus and what has become of the Newman movement up into the present on campuses all across the country. Because of this, we are excited to release our Naming Gift Opportunities & New Sponsorships and encourage you to be a part of this monumental year! Please do not hestiate to reach out to me to discuss these proposal and other giving ideas that you may have. God bless you and your family and thank you for your support!

Patrick Travers

Newman Director

ptraver7@newman.upenn.edu | 267-623-7746