Rosmary George

C'16, President 2015-2016

Rosmary recently graduated in 2016 after serving as President of Penn Newman to lead a team of software developers in New Jersey with AT&T. We will miss her joyful heart and wish her the best in her endeavors!


Joe and Joanne Gasiewski (Danifo)

C'06 and C'04

Even though Joanne Gasiewski (Danifo) C'04 and Joe Gasiewski C'06 did not begin dating until well after college, they were first brought together by the Newman Center. While both were lifelong Philadelphians, Joanne was the product of twelve years of Catholic education prior to Penn and wanted to continue growing and developing her faith. Joe was a public school kid who wanted to begin really exploring the church's intellectual tradition. In the Newman Center, they found community, support, enrichment, and friendships that helped them become the people they are today. "We hope that everyone will recognize the special gift we have in the Newman Center and look forward to helping them keep up the good work for years to come." Joanne and Joe were married August 24, 2013. Joanne works at the Philadelphia History Museum and Joe works in the Office of the University Secretary at Penn.

Brian and Anne Marie McCarthy (McKnight)

C'06 and C'04

The McCarthys met at the Penn Newman Center when Anne Marie was President of the Exec Board in 2004. She went on to graduate with a degree in Biology and currently holds a PhD in Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins and does breast cancer research at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Brian followed in his wife's footsteps when he served as President in 2006 and graduated with a degree in Physics and Economics. Brian currently works for the Saltonstall Family Office, serving on its investment committee. The couple have a young son named Stephen and are shortly expecting their second. Brian writes, "The Newman Center was an integral part of our time at Penn as well as the beginning of our life together. We hope to support the oldest Newman Center in the country and continue its mission for another 125 years."


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