Meet the Staff


Adam Ureneck

Director of Penn and Drexel Newman Ministries




Fr. Carlos Keen

Chaplain of Penn Newman



Alan Teran

Associate Director of Penn Newman




Carolyn Shields

Assistant Director of Penn Newman

Meet the Student Leaders

2017 Executive Board



Nicole Weldon (N'18) can be seen on campus in the latest Navy fashion or in trendy nursing scrubs. Nicole helped to re-found the Newman Women's Household this year and her reverent spirituality has touched many hearts. Her essence fruit is a pomegranate.



vice president

Joe Dembik ('18) is a Philly boy born and raised who is blessed to attend the Ivy in his own backyard, and even more blessed to have found the amazing Penn Newman Community. He's a Psychology major who loves dogs, baseball, reading, the Rosary, and volunteer work. Joe's favorite thing about Newman (besides the people) is Christ in the City, a homeless outreach program that seeks to connect with those on the street on a personal level.  You can catch Joe at the Newman center most nights looking for Bear, getting into a random discussion, and sometimes even studying. 


James Treacy (E'19) is currently a sophomore in Chemical Engineering.  He hails from a small town in Connecticut (but not from the shore like most people would assume when you say "I'm from Connecticut"). He's a member of Navy ROTC, so you may see him walking around campus not dressed like other college students. When he's not completing problem sets, he enjoys adventuring into the city to see what Philly has to offer! He is excited and ready to serve as the new Treasurer for the Newman Center.


Janae Urban (W'19) is currently a sophomore in Wharton. In addition to Newman, she puts her business skills to use in her involvement in the Wharton Undergraduate Giving Society, Penn Religious Studies Society and Journal, and Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. She can be found in a cornfield in Nebraska or walking the catwalk when she's not at Wharton during the school year. She has a passion for the liturgy and the sacraments, and has decided to make Christ the center of her actions. His love shines through her smile.

2017 Executive Committee

Service Team

Chair: Mick Barrett

  • Narelli Narciso 
  • Sean Legg
  • Melissa Schweizer


Small Groups Team

Chair: Vincent Armetta

  • Elaine Smith
  • Claire Foster


Dinners and Events Coordinator

Chair: Jen Esposito

  • Michelle Nigro


Communications Coordinator

Chair: Theresa Dierkes

Spirituality Team

Chair: Chieme Ohanele

  • John Ortega
  • Guadalupe Ceja


Personal Reconciliation Team

Chair: Gabby Ramos

  • Tom Stevens


Social Reconciliation

Chair: Ivana Kohut


Outreach Team

Chair: Marya Lieb

  •  Shannon Calter
  • Kerry O'Neil