Interested in joining us? We meet weekly in Carolyn's office for 1-2 hours. Don't have time to read? No worries! We cover about 5 pages each week together. No outside reading required! Email Carolyn for more details. 

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Fall 2017

What we will read: Aquinas for beginners: Part i


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This fall we're gonna study one of the giants of Catholic teaching. St. Thomas Aquinas, a thirteenth century saint and Doctor of the Church was a Dominican priest, philosopher, theologian, and author of the Summa Theologiae (Summary of Theology), which remains the gold standard of theology texts. In Part I we learn the basic Thomistic teachings such as the properties of the soul, five reasons for the existence of God, and how to understand human passions. This study provides a great opportunity for women of faith to stretch intellectually as they grow spiritually.

Spring 2017

What we read: Mulieris Dignitatem

Fall 2016

What we read: Letter to Women by JP II