Authentic community is an essential aspect of the "Heart to Heart" spirituality inspired by John Henry Newman. We all look for true love and long-lasting friendship. Far from being a mere club or group of people with common interests, the Newman Community strives to be an example, a shining light on Penn's campus, of the true communion and inter-personal unity which has its foundation not in us, but in God himself. 

It is in community that our love finds its unique and proper expression.

"Thus community becomes "Schola Amoris," a School of Love, for young people and for adults -- a school in which all learn to love God, to love the brothers and sisters with whom they live, and to love humanity, which is in great need of God's mercy and of fraternal solidarity." **

If you are looking for opportunities to meet young men and women who form part of this community, we have a number of activities for you to attend!


Newman Dinners

Newman Dinners are held each Thursday night at 6pm in the lower level of Newman. A $5 all you can eat meal fills the house. 


Newman Nights

Several times throughout the semester, immediately following Newman Dinner, we have a variety of faith-based discussions upstairs, ranging from Lord of the Rings, Dating/Relationships, Mental Health, and more. 


After Mass Socials

After every Sunday Mass  at St. Agatha - St. James, we have delicious coffee and doughnuts in the Newman Center!


And more...

We dine together, study together, pray together, celebrate together, and are in this together. We loft our couches for our Souper-bowl Party Blow Out, we're open 24-7 during Finals Week, we throw BBQ Picnics, water balloon fights, indoor laser tag, paintball outings, and beach days. Join our Listserv for updates on all special activities.

** Fraternal Life In Community, 25