Student Wins Photo Of The Year


Every Winter Break students travel with Creatio to Peru for a two week mission trip. We are so proud of John Ortega, one of our participants, for winning Creatio’s Photo Of The Year! Check out the story behind the photo:

The Story + How It Was Made

From John:

"We were in Ayaviri when Remi suggested that we go on the hike. On the day of, we woke up around 4AM to hike up one of the mountains and catch the sunrise. Deacon Remi, Nahima, Theresa, James, Patrick, and myself all went together. I don’t quite remember the significance of the mountain, but there are crosses that line the steps up the mountain which represented the Stations of the Cross. At around 6AM, the sun rose, and it was simply a magnificent sight to see. Deacon Remi called all of us over for a reflection and we put our arms around each other and watched the suns rays scatter around the land in front of us."

"This photo in particular was taken as we were walking down the mountain. We saw a ledge where we could take some cool photos, many of which were photos of our silhouettes in front of the rising sun. I was taking a photo of Remi as he stood in front of the sun when I looked to my left and saw James Treacy standing along the ledge, his figure being swallowed by the mountains and fields around him. I took a couple shots of the scene and then we kept moving down the mountain."

"The entire experience was amazingly beautiful. But after looking through the photos, that one is my favorite from the trip. It really captured the beauty of God’s creation which we witnessed that morning."

What a great story!  Thank you John for sharing your images with us and congratulations again on the win!