Why Should I Sign Up For Adoration?


By Carolyn Shields, Communications Coordinator

Sometimes we realize how much we talk about things without really explaining why we do it or why it’s important. You’ve probably heard us talk about Adoration before, but we wanted to go a little bit more in depth about why we think you should consider coming this semester!

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • What is Adoration?

    Well, the brief answer is this: it’s simply praying before the Eucharist while it’s not hidden in the tabernacle but rather out on the altar. Father Robert Barron says the word "adoration" comes from the Latin "ad oratio," which literally translates to "mouth to mouth." There’s really only two occasions when we are mouth to mouth with someone: either it’s a kiss or it’s a moment when you’re saving someone’s life. In short, Adoration is an intimate time of prayer before the Lord.

  • Okay, well what do I do during Adoration?

    You can journal, read the Bible or a spiritual book, pray the rosary, kneel or sit or even crawl to the very front of the Church and sit on the marble steps before the altar. I’m a big fan of sprawling, which is like a combination of all the above.

  • When is it again?

    Monday-Friday from 3-6pm in the Church. We also have candlelit Mass and Adoration on Wednesday nights beginning at 6:30pm.

  • Do I have to sign up to come?

    Nope! Come whenever! Our schedules reflect what’s most important in our lives though, so where is prayer life in yours? Many people need a scheduled time to pray or it just doesn’t happen.

  • Where do I sign up if I want to do that?

    You can sign up right here!

  • What if I want to sign up for more than one time slot?

    Awesome! You are totally welcome to. Just try not to commit to more than what you can do! Simply refresh the page and submit another form with any extra time slots.

  • What if I’m on the fence about this whole thing?

    Totally fine, but feel free to talk to us about it. For me, Adoration was pivotal for my prayer life in college. I’m a huge introvert, and the parties and upbeat retreats and small groups were all kind of…intimidating. I wanted a place to grow in prayer that was quiet, minimum to no commitment, and where I could just let out one big sigh. (Also, if I’m being honest, I totally only started to go to adoration because I knew my crush would be there every Monday at 4pm. I told him this years later and my devout plotting worked! He asked me out! So come for the cute men, but stay for the one who loved you so much that He died for you.)

  • What if I do commit to a weekly time slot but can’t make it one week?

    Just try and find a replacement or email Brother Nelson to let him know! (njvillamor@saintsaj.org)

  • What if I have to leave early?

    This is an important question. Because the Eucharist is exposed, we should never leave it out unguarded. That’s why it’s important to always have someone present. If you have to leave early or if the person for the next time slot hasn’t arrived and you’re ‘stuck there,’ you can call Brother Nelson.

    Wanna continue this dialogue? Head on over to our Contact page and email any of us!

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